Core Themes:


Stari Most is about building bridges in war-torn communities. In this piece of music – an anthem to the healing of a community – the children’s choir, accompanied by operatic soloists and an orchestra of professional musicians, tell the story of the beautiful and historic bridge at Mostar as it is systematically annihilated and rebuilt. The bridge, both physically and metaphorically, became a symbol of the previously integrated Christian/Muslim community which was ripped apart by the Bosnian War. The libretto sensitively explores how love and pain wove its way between the bullets and rubble hand in hand.


The performances and rehersals are an oportunituy to support charities that work with conflict areas and human rights advocacy through the staging of a fund raising concert.


Past Performances


The Stari Most Opera Work has been performed since 2008



-Salisbury Cathedral (in aid of Hope and Homes for Children)








-Her Majesty's Theatre Adelaide



Future Performance


-London October 2018  (in aid of The Enough Project and the Sentry)









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Stari Most (Adelaide performance) Above:


Conducted here by the Composer Richard Chew with Libretto by Peter Cann. Richard Chew is a composer, singer, pianist and conductor. He studied at The University of Birmingham and attained his Masters Degree at the Royal College of Music in

London. Peter Cann is a playwright and librettist who has

worked with companies as diverse as Welsh National Opera, Birmingham Repertory Theatre,Birmingham Royal Ballet,