The Stari Most Project is an educational program of workshops which culminates in a performance of the Stari Most Operatic Work (with video accompaniment). The symbol of the bridge stands for the rebuilding of communites after war and conflict.


The opera piece involves a symphony orchestra, a children’s choir and two professional opera singers who perform the two principle roles of Alma and Dino. The narrative is about the memories of the two principals Alma and Dino and their recollections about the Bosnian War, and in particular the events leading up to the destruction of the Bridge of Mostar.


Mostar hosts a diving competition which involves diving from the bridge into the river below. Dino is a champion diver who recalls his hay day as the hero diver. The children’s choir, who are the most important group and represent the bridge, is the largest element with potentially 100 children involved. It is through the work with the children, and the schools involved, that the outreach and scope of the core themes are realised. It not only engages the individual children but all their network of family and the community.


The bridge has a personality which is expressed through the words the children sing. The bridge remembers all who have trodden its steps and the stories of those people. The next performance is planned for October 27th 2019 Ballarat, Australia.

Stari Most 

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